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Volunteers drive the success of countless festivals and events year after year.  Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute tens of thousands of hours across many capacities and various roles to ACSEA.  Together we create opportunities for new artistic expressions to flourish, all while having a great time!

The effort and enthusiasm of our volunteers is integral to our success.  Join the ACSEA volunteer family to spread the love, discover new experiences, and make lifelong friends!  We have volunteering opportunities for people with a variety of schedules, skills, and interests.

Events – Apply Now!

ACSEA Volunteer - TAIWANfest
ACSEA Volunteer - TAIWANfest
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ACSEA - WACT Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Positions

Please read through each position description carefully, and select your top 3 preferences in your application.  Shift assignment is on a first come, first assigned basis.  We will try our best to match with your preferences, however we may not always be able to provide the position of your choice due to the availability and nature of the festival.  For some festivals and events, you may be asked to assume multiple positions in one shift.

  • Working with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers, plan volunteer orientation, schedule volunteers for shifts and roles, ensure organization on the days of the Festival
  • The VC Assistant will work from home in the weeks leading up to the event and will be required to attend organizing staff conference calls
  • During the orientation and the event, the VC Assistant will be present at the Festival venues
  • Must possess strong leadership skills with previous Festival volunteer or leadership experience
  • Venue Leaders are selected through an interview process
  • Attend a Leader Meeting with the core staff
  • Attend an additional training session
  • Coordinate and supervise volunteers at specified Festival venues
  • Greet guest at performance, exhibition or lecture
  • Crowd control and answer the public’s answers
  • Must be comfortable dealing with the public


  • There are five assistant positions available: Artist, Lecture, Staff, Stage Manager and Chef
  • FoodSafe Certification is preferable for Chef’s Assistant
  • Requires an interview
  • Assist stage managers and technicians to complete their jobs
  • Expected to handle equipment with care
  • Lead the show or event with energy
  • Assist in changeovers among programs
  • Must not have stage fright and be able to communicate in a large crowd
  • Welcome and serve food to guests
  • Assist in crowd control and seating arrangement for guests
  • Assist in keeping the venue clean
  • Need some event experience
  • Will greet artists at venue, ensuring proper signage is hung around venue, safety is up to par and that things begin on time
  • Start and end show
  • required to work with sound/light equipment, and heavy lifting
  • Greet guest at workshop or game stations
  • Some workshop, volunteers require to assist the instructors
  • Some workshop, volunteers require to host the workshop or game activity
  • Require good people interaction skill and be able to give clear instructions
  • Answer general questions about the festival (Info Desk)
  • Equipped with knowledge of directions, Festival programs, activities and fun facts
  • Promote Festival programs and activities to the visitors (On Street)
  • Willing to engage with the public, and be excited or curious about the Festival
  • Assist in setup and takedown, loading and unloading
  • Work different hours, before and after the festival
  • Must be physically capable and able to take instructions
  • Experience or enthusiasm in production work is preferred
  • Capture the Festival from all angles – audience, performers, festival culture, community vibe, volunteers, staff, food, etc.  
  • The images are used for the Festival marketing, programs and advertising
  • After each Festival, a complete collection of images is delivered to the ACSEA for in-house use
  • Must have your own camera and equipment
  • A great opportunity for photographers who are building their portfolio
  • Please submit a sample of your work by email to
  • Can’t make up your mind which position you’d like the best? Want to try your hand at a bit of everything? This is the perfect job for you
  • Fill in for volunteers who can’t make their shift, or jump in to help when things get really busy
  • Must be flexible, adventurous, and ready to save the day
  • Ideal for first time volunteers

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