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Survival for many is an act of courage; to live is to find meanings in the suffering. When people are displaced and lives are detoured, the tenacity one demonstrates to survive is the essence of beauty. Painters, musicians, poets and artists love to capture this quality in people and these works often inspire others to find the strength to continue their path.

Wars often show the worst in mankind as violence is the most convenient way for the power to be gained. Like many places in Asia, Vietnam and Taiwan shared chapters of histories resisting the intruders and living under the colonizers. Time and time again, the people rise to savour their families, cultures and homeland; stories of remarkable women keeping families together resemble the vary tenacity required in survival.

What is courage really like? When does survival become art?


ACSEA Team - Charlie Wu

Managing Director

Charlie Wu

Artistic Director

Jessica Sung

ACSEA Team - Michael Lin

Michael Lin

Diana Yao

ACSEA Team - Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu

ACSEA Team - Emily Chen

Emily Chen


ACSEA - Jason Wei

Jason Wei

Shirley Zhao

ACSEA Team - Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee

Derek Wu

Louise Sun

ACSEA Team - Megan Wang

Megan Wang


ACSEA - Jason Wei

Jason Wei

Shirley Zhao

ACSEA Team - Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee

Karina Song

Candy Tang

Louise Sun

Derek Wu

ACSEA Team - Christy Shih

Christy Shih

ACSEA Team - Megan Wang

Megan Wang

ACSEA Team - Iris Chen

Iris Chen

Sunny Liu

ACSEA Team - Karen Chen

Karen Chen

ACSEA Team - Amber Chiu

Amber Chiu

ACSEA Team - Deep Shah

Deep Shah

ACSEA Team - Sabrina Chang

Sabrina Chang

ACSEA Team - Alex Lee

Alex Lee

ACSEA Team - Yiting Wu

Yiting Wu

ACSEA Team - Hao Yi Chan

Hao-Yi Chan

ACSEA Team - Nancy Cao

Nancy Cao

ACSEA Team - Giselle Chen

Giselle Chen

ACSEA Team - Jolin Zhou

Jolin Zhou

ACSEA Team - Fiona Xie

Fiona Xie

ACSEA Team - Yu Han Chang

Yu-Han Chang

ACSEA Team - Jessie Liu

Jessie Liu

Janice Yan

ACSEA Team - Shuyi Yang

Shuyi Yang

Jan Arvie Ramento

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