2018 TAIWANfest -

What does it mean to be culturally diverse? What does it mean to be part of any one community? What defines who you are or what your community is? Does the community define Chinatown or does Chinatown define Chinese? Out of convenience in the globally interconnected conditions of today, we continue to sort people and communities; first we were stereotyped by those who did not know us, now we are funneled by algorithms and machine learning.  Why can we not derive our own identities from our curiosity on our connections with others? How do we show respect without being corny? Why should we fear to learn the truth?

Martin Luther King’s 1968 speech inspired Americans to end racial discrimination; it wasn’t until 2008 that an official apology was offered to the victims of Residential Schools by a Canadian Prime Minister; Oprah Winfrey’s rousing speech during the 2018 Golden Globe Award ceremony is still calling for women to rise.  When are people going to recognize the perhaps unintentional bullying on other people’s cultural identity? Engaging each new culture is a new opportunity to grow – to discover not only something you did not previously know, but also re-shape your understanding of your own past, present, and future. Growth can only happen when we dialogue from one heart to another heart, and as South African philanthropist Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Meet the Team -

ACSEA Team - Charlie Wu

Managing Director

Charlie Wu

ACSEA - Jessica Sung

Artistic Director

Jessica Sung

ACSEA - Eddy Kuo

Eddy Kuo

ACSEA - Kevin Tin

Kevin Tin

ACSEA - Rosie Hsueh

Rosie Hsueh

ACSEA - Jason Wei

Jason Wei

ACSEA - Diana Yao

Diana Yao

ACSEA - Amanda Chang

Amanda Chang

ACSEA - Liuis Jiang

Liuis Jiang

ACSEA - Sabrina Chang

Sabrina Chang

ACSEA - Ian Lin

Ian Lin

Emily Chen

Our Volunteer Leaders

ACSEA - Jason Wei

Volunteer Coordinator

Jason Wei

ACSEA Leader - Peggy Lee

Volunteer Coordinator

Peggy Lee

ACSEA Leader - Allen Wu

Allen Wu

ACSEA - Chenny Cao

Chenny Cao

ACSEA Leader - Daniel Huynh

Daniel Huynh

ACSEA Leader - Diane Chiang

Diane Chiang

ACSEA Leader - Evens Wong

Evens Wong

ACSEA Leader - Hoky Hsu

Hoky Hsu

ACSEA Leader - Jan Arvie Ramento

Jan Ramento

ACSEA Leader - Jen Huang

Jen Huang

ACSEA Leader - Jessica Gao

Jessica Gao

ACSEA Leader - Jill Cheng

Jill Cheng

ACSEA Leader - John Chiang

John Chiang

ACSEA Leader - Kris Shaw

Kris Shaw

ACSEA Leader - Lawrence Chu

Lawrence Chu

ACSEA Leader - Louisa Hsu

Louisa Hsu

ACSEA Leader - Louise Sun

Louise Sun

ACSEA Leader - Peter Wu

Peter Wu

ACSEA Leader - Serena Yeung

Serena Yeung

ACSEA Leader - Howard Chen

Howard Chen

ACSEA Leader - Jean Huan

Jean Huan

ACSEA Leader - Ting Wang

Ting Wang

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Volunteers

Join the ACSEA volunteer family to spread the love, discover new experiences, and make lifelong friends!  We have volunteering opportunities for people with a variety of schedules, skills, and interests.

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