2017 TAIWANfest -

The festive staple of toasting is ubiquitous and nearly every culture has its own variation on this gesture of goodwill. Whether it is the French “Santé”, German “Prost”, Scandinavian “Skål” or others, toasting and merrymaking go hand in hand.

But at that split second when the glasses clink, a solitary sound amidst the festivities, one moment is suspended in the air. It could be simple and it could be complex; it could be a tribute to the past or a dream for the future. It could be a hope, a desire, a wish shared by all who are present. It is a moment of inspiration.

Yet what are the influences that drive us to the toast? For what reason do we seek this unity, this inclusion in the collective? What is that something we strive for, so obviously bigger and better and grander than any one of us could achieve alone?

“Kanpai, Japan!” is an exploration of these influences, connecting the island nations of Japan and Taiwan, and again with Canada. Join us for a collective Kanpai!

Meet the Team -

ACSEA Team - Charlie Wu

Managing Director

Charlie Wu

Artistic Director

Jessica Sung

Eddy Kuo

Wendy Yang

Amber Chiu

Walter Kao

Jennifer Wang

Ian Liao

Zoe Zhu

Cayenne Chen

Diane Yao

Peggy Lee

Our Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Coordinator

Peggy Lee

Angela Lee

Annie Chen

Charles Hu

Claudia Wu

Deanna Liu

Diane Chiang

Hoky Hsu

Jay Chang

John Chiang

Julianne Lin

Kevin Chen

Kris Shaw

Louisa Hsu

Tim Wu

Heartfelt Thanks to Our Volunteers!

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