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The Leadership Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for bright and motivated candidates to join our volunteer coordinating team. This is a great opportunity for interested students to bolster their volunteer management experience, learn about unique & innovative arts and cultural programming, and develop skills that would be an asset as they work toward graduate school.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work from home with the organizing staff in the weeks leading up to the event to create a timeline for tasks and deadlines
  • Recruit volunteers from all over the Greater Vancouver and Toronto Areas by using different platforms including social media and job boards
  • Work with LunarFest Program Ambassadors to develop and implement volunteer training programs
  • Evaluate volunteer applications and assign volunteer positions
  • Maintain regular communication with volunteers
  • Ensure volunteers fully understand how to do their jobs
  • Attend and participate in organizing staff conference calls
  • Foster a strong team relationship which emphasizes teamwork and communication
  • Oversee events on the days of the Festival
  • Prepare Volunteer Certificates after the event

Required Qualifications

  • Willing to learn and share
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English orally and written
  • Experience in providing constructive, goal-oriented, peer feedback to volunteers
  • Strong public relations, teamwork, and organizational skills
  • Enthusiastic personality
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, and project management skills
  • Ability to recognize problems quickly and apply sound solutions
  • Results-oriented and reliable
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